Are you bored? Need something fun to do? Preferably outdoors? 

Playing pickleball should be a great idea. This easy and straightforward game combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Over the years, many people have been fascinated by how pickleball is less strenuous on the muscles and joints compared to other racquet games. This attribute allows your body to recover quickly after a game, making it a great sport for seniors.

Pickleball for seniors is also an excellent body workout, especially for the legs, arms, and shoulders. In addition, it allows you to socialize with people of similar interests. 

To play the game, you will need a whiffle ball and a couple of paddles, then head over to the nearest court.  Players can compete in Singles or Doubles, just like in tennis.

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to play pickleball. 

How to Serve

Like any other racquet sport, pickleball starts with a serve. There isn’t any clear procedure to determine who gets the first serve but, in most cases, a coin is tossed. The server should keep one leg behind the backline and hit the ball with an underhand swing.

The serve is only valid if it lands within the bounds of the right service court. A point is lost when the ball lands on the non-volley line, also known as the “kitchen line”. 

In a “Doubles” game, the players serve alternately, starting with the player on the right-hand side. If a player serves badly, their teammate gets to serve. When a serve hits the net on the middle of the court, the server is allowed to serve one more time.

The receiver must first let the ball bounce before hitting it. Once a successful serve is made, the players can volley the ball as long as they aren’t inside the non-volley zone.

Scoring in Pickleball 

Pickleball tennis is usually played to a maximum of 11 points. Points are only scored on the serve. If a score is made, the serving player will move to the left and serve diagonally. The serving player will move from right to left each time he/she scores a point. 

Whether you are playing a Singles or a Doubles match, only the serving players can score. For this reason, the receiving team should rally and prompt “side- outs” in order to serve the ball. 

1. Scoring in Doubles

The score is announced in three numbers – server score, receiver score, and server number: 1 or 2. Therefore, at the start of the game, the score reads 0-0-1 for the first server. The player on the right-hand side is always server number 1 and this will keep changing as the server scores and switches positions.

Keeping track of these scores may seem daunting at first, but it will be much easier after several games. 

2. Scoring in Singles

Unlike in Doubles, scores in Singles are called in two numbers – server score and the receiver score. The server’s score determines the receiver’s position. 

Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis

Although pickleball tennis shares some common aspects with tennis, there are still notable differences between the two games. Some of the major differences include:

  • Unlike tennis where you can volley from anywhere within the court, in pickleball, you cannot volley on the non-volley area. 
  • Pickleball racquets are made of high-quality composite and are smaller than those used in tennis.
  • The official pickleball ball is made from light plastic and measures 3 inches in diameter. There is no color restriction, however, the color must remain consistent in a particular match. Tennis balls, on the other hand, are usually fluorescent yellow for easier visibility. For recreation play, however, the ball can be any color. 
  • When serving in pickleball, you must bounce the ball once and hit it with an underhand swing. In tennis, you should toss the ball in the air and serve it with an overhand swing.
  • The pickleball net hangs at 36 inches at the ends and 34 inches at the center. This is lower than the tennis net which is 3 feet high all through. 

Get Your Pickleball Equipment and Head to the Court!

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Now that you are armed with the basics of playing pickleball, you can head over to the court and crush your opponents (or not). But whether you will win or lose, make sure you have fun and get enough exercise.

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