Winter is fast-approaching. If you’re like many – you are not ready to head indoors and be stuck there for the entire winter season. Don’t worry, platform tennis could just be the game to get you out of the house and enjoying a healthy activity again! 

It is played on an elevated, heated outdoor court allowing you to enjoy the fresh air even in the coldest of months. If you are interested in the game, your first course of action is investing in the right equipment. 

Like any other sport, buying the right gear goes a long way in boosting your confidence and overall performance. As a result, you end up enjoying the game and gaining momentum to win it.

Here’s the ultimate guide to help you get the best platform tennis equipment. 

Platform Tennis Racquets

Platform tennis racquets are the most important equipment in the sport. They will directly determine the performance of your game. Consider the following factors when buying the paddles. 

Paddle Density

To choose the right paddle density, you need to know your skill level. As a beginner, select a low-density paddle. It is easier to control and has a smooth swing. This provides more comfort and offers less shock to the arm.

An intermediate platform tennis player should opt for a medium density paddle. It offers a good combination of power and control. It is also suitable for experienced tennis players who are trying out their platform tennis skills. 

For an advanced player, a high-density paddle is usually the right fit. It hits the ball with more power which can be easily handled by an experienced platform tennis player.

Paddle Head Size 

Unlike many racquet games, platform tennis paddles come in various head sizes to choose from.

A large head size offers a larger sweet spot to ensure easy control of the ball. However, most paddles with large head sizes tend to be heavy – which may make you have slower reactions during the game. 

Therefore, if you are aiming for quick reflexes and shots, choose a paddle with a smaller head size. They are usually cheaper than large head size paddles.  

Also, ensure the paddle has a maximum of 78 holes to reduce wind resistance when hitting the ball. This applies to all head sizes. 

Grip Size

Platform tennis racquets are available in two grip sizes. The adult paddle has a 4.25-inch grip while the junior paddle has a 4-inch grip. 

If you feel that the 4.25-inch grip is still not enough, you can enhance it with over-grips and achieve the right grip for you. 

Platform Tennis Balls

This is another important piece of platform tennis equipment.  

Platform tennis balls are a spongy rubber ball with a diameter of 2.5 inches. It should have some yellowish markings known as “flocking” that make it more visible and easier control in flight. It should also have a firm core for maximum bounce. 

Be sure to replace your ball every so often as it wears out a little bit after every session of play.

Platform Tennis Clothing

Generally, there are no restrictions on what you choose to wear when playing platform tennis. You are allowed to wear several layers of clothing during extremely cold weather so you can peel them off as you warm up in the course of the game.

Here are some important items you should have for the game.

Platform Tennis Gloves

Choose platform tennis gloves with long cuffs to protect your hands from the cold winter. They should also allow your hands to move freely for easy and unlimited hits as well as be moisture-resistant to keep your hands dry for a firmer grip on the paddle.

If possible, go for machine-washable gloves. They are easier to maintain and care for during the winter season. 

Platform Tennis Footwear

Get shoes that have soles with good traction to avoid carrying dirt into the court. Dirt and other debris can easily cause trip and slip accidents. 

Wearing such shoes is also a good way to preserve the court’s surface. It is always recommended to wear tennis shoes for a platform tennis game.

Platform Tennis Eyewear

“Do you really need to wear goggles on the platform tennis court?”

As unnecessary as it may seem, goggles will protect your eyes from nasty hits of the ball which could cause severe eye damage.

Go for goggles that have anti-fog vents and padding to protect your eyes from the cold air. They should also be designed with multiple lenses for great vision both day and night. 

Remember to add lens holders and lens cleaners to your platform tennis eyewear package. 

Bonus Tip!

Although platform tennis is commonly referred to as ‘paddle’ it isn’t similar to paddle tennis. So be sure to insist on platform tennis equipment when shopping to avoid buying the wrong gear.

Also, prepare a budget before you go shopping to avoid overspending.    

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