Recreation activities have always been a pinnacle of work-life balance. It is an essential element of human psychology and physiology to do something in leisure time. There is no better way to spend a leisurely Sunday than shooting the hoops with your friends or playing baseball. Recreational sports can be in any form and are engaged in for pleasure, enjoyment, and amusement. Recreational sports are gaining huge popularity for the style statements flaunted by various sports persons.


Recreational sports are leisurely activities with related goals of social involvement, fun and physical fitness. There is a clear demarcation between competitive sports and recreational sports. There is a lower expectation in commitment and performance where these sports are concerned.


Recreational Sports vs. Child’s play

For years experts have found it difficult to separate the general concept of children’s play from recreational sports. Probably they are almost the same. It has been proposed that play and recreational activities are both expressions and outlets for excess energy that is conducted in a manner that is societally acceptable. However, sports are more structured than regular play.

Professional Impact of Recreational Sports

Recreational sports have helped many people professionally. Since long, experts have claimed playing sports develops leadership qualities, team building, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. Playing sports also develops an interpersonal skill that is the backbone of managerial work. Sports help in developing the skills necessary to work in a team and aspire towards a common goal. They also help inculcate time management skills with a strict time component. This helps in a work setting where there are multiple deadlines and workload balance is required.

Recreational Sports And Fashion

There are many sports people who have become a household name. People follow these sports persons in the same way celebrities and Hollywood stars are followed. This has only become possible with the growing scope of social media. Athletes find it easier to connect to the world through social media. Instagram is a popular channel for athletes to post pictures and create their own style statements.


The face of sports is fast changing with many athletes finding their way to becoming brand ambassadors for multiple fashion weeks. The easier a person carries off a style, more inimitable he becomes in the eyes of the competitor. Sports have brought a revolution in the fashion world that Hollywood and fashion industry never could.


Recreational sports are known to build teamwork and involve people in a social setting. It is also known to help people professionally. It is only natural to imagine that style will prevail where there are a group of people. Over the years sports have in fact taken over the world of athletic leisurewear. People have begun to make conscious choices regarding their choice of wear.

model doing a pose


Increasing Fitness Trends

Sports are an important part of people’s lives. It is a form of recreation and entertainment. There are many people who have picked up fitness activities and sports to stay healthy and look their better self. Imitating fashion styles worn by athletes is a way for people to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Athletic involvement in Fashion World

There have been many fashion brands that have got athletes to walk the ramp for them. This has brought a change in the fashion industry with a revolution in the athletic leisurewear department. However, style statements made by sports persons are not limited to active wear. There are many celebrities sports persons who have influenced the way people dress.


Professional sports person and athletes embracing fashion to become the face of a clothing brand is a new concept. However, it is one that is much appreciated and accepted. Time has proven that there is always a place for fashion in sports. These celebrity sports persons are living examples of that.


NBA Players

This New York Giants wide receiver has made a big name in the style arena. His friendship with menswear designer Ronnie Fieg is no secret and Victor Cruz’s signature Nike sneaker line is much loved by many. Sports fashion pioneers are known to come and go. However, Victor Cruz is an exception to this. He has leveraged his popularity through social media He has used Instagram to elevate the taste of his fans and give away kicks to boost following.

Maggie Vessey

Vessey is not a household name but this 34-year-old track star has made waves for quite some time now. Her changing styles make it difficult for the fashion world to keep up with her. She is a fashion hero who looks as comfortable in floral prints as she does in active wear. Her explorative, creative running gear is changing the face of style in.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s talent has set new heights in the world of racing. He has won the Formula One world championship twice since he entered professional racing in 2007. He has played his part in recreational sports with a style chip on his shoulder. Lewis Hamilton has become a true pioneer in fashion while excelling at heights in his profession. He is known to flaunt jaw-dropping clothes including fitting shirts, pricey headwear choices and crisp cut types of denim.
Hamilton has a handle on millennials with recreational sports fashion by keeping away from the trends. He is known to set his own style statements by choosing whatever he is comfortable in. He is also not shy to use Instagram to connect with his fans and show off his wardrobe.

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith is another style icon with a blend wear of couture and street fashion. Smith goes back and forth effortlessly between these two entirely separate style statements. This shows he knows what he is doing. There are few people who have what it takes to inspire people about menswear couture. However, J.R. Smith does that effortlessly. His Instagram account showcases different styles that state he can make any outfit standout without ever going overboard.

Smith’s love for fashion is not a secret as deemed from a profile by Devin Friedman for GQ. In this, you will notice jaw-dropping imagery of his fashion sense. All in all, he is a prime example of a style icon in recreational sports.

Alex Morgan

Morgan has made sure that athletic leisurewear does not go out of style. She is possibly the most recognized soccer player in the USA. Efforts like Nike Tech Knit collection have ensured that her efforts are pushed forward. Alex Morgan has a big impact on millennial fashion even though her style statement does not seem to go beyond athletic wear.

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook has achieved tremendous leaps in fashion. It is possible you might find it difficult to relate to his wear. However, he always finds a way to push against the routine. Russell Westbrook already has a lot in the fashion world with his line of sneakers. His impact on recreational sports style is authentic and keeps on moving forward.


Neymar carries a heavy European influence on his fashion sense that reverberates on a global scale. This fashion sense got him into the world of Jordan brand where he continues to be a heavy hitter. People had to look up to Neymar when he got signed up to push Jumpman sneakers in the soccer world.

Blair O’Neal

Fashion has always been recognized as being serious in the golfing world. O’Neal is probably a lone ranger in this world showcasing more ‘prep’ than couture. There have been many amazing outfits worn by Blair O’Neal over the course of her career that has made many heads turn. You won’t find this recreational sports head turner in blogs or magazines. But, her Instagram account shows she is not fearsome of colorful and extravagant style statements.

Jermaine Jones

Men’s soccer team does not receive a lot of mainstream media. Chances are that you would have completely skipped Jermaine Jones as being a style statement. However, Jones fashion sense is rampant on the pages of social media. He broadcasts a combination of styles ranging from athletic leisurewear to ultra-fancy wear. His fashion sense shows it is possible to switch between the two separate clothing wear effortlessly.

Stefan Janoski

Fashion has always been linked to skate culture. Clothes that would have been considered a taboo are now seen on the streets because of people like Janoski, Tony Hawk, and Paul Rodriguez. Stefan Janoski’s skater deal with Nike has pushed the world forward in the style arena. The biggest contribution to the world of style by Janoski has been to turn traditional skate shoes into lifestyle options.


Over the decades' the sports and fashion industries have complemented each other well. There is an influx of athletic fashion awareness with more sports persons walking the ramp and pairing with popular fashion brands. Recreational sports have made more people interested in these new style icons and fashion statements.


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