The game of tennis has gained a massive following over the last centuries. Both young and old love playing the sport, either recreationally or competitively.

Like all sports, you need the right kind of equipment to play tennis, but unlike other sports, tennis equipment comes in a wide variety of options. So wide in fact that at times, a tennis match can resemble a fashion parade.

But perhaps you are a beginner and you want to know the best tennis gear you need to play a great game of tennis (and make a good appearance too).

Tennis Racket

The first and probably most important piece of tennis equipment you need to get is a tennis racket.

Though all rackets may look the same from afar, there are quite a number of different tennis rackets you can choose from. And your choice of a tennis racket will determine how well you will play and enjoy your game.

So how do you choose a good racket? These are 3 main ways to find your racket:

1. Know Your Racket and Skill Level

Power/Game Improvement Rackets. These have large heads, longer style, and lightweight build. They are most suited for beginners, intermediate players, or anyone who wants a little more power on their shot. And thus, as their name implies, they improve your game.

Tweener Rackets. These are well-balanced rackets designed for all skill levels and offer a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability. These are the most widely used rackets due to their balance.

Control Rackets. These rackets have small heads designed to give you maximum control. The trade-off is that you have to add power to the shot. Despite the small head, they are generally heavier than other rackets.

2. Measure for Grip

A good way to measure for grip is to hold a tennis racket in your dominant hand the way you would hold it if you were playing.

Place the index finger of your other hand between the tips of the gripping hand. If the space is too small for your finger to fit, the racket is too small and if there is a lot of room left, the racket is too big.

The perfect racket must feel comfortable in your grip.

Tennis Gear (Clothes)

After your racket, the clothes you wear when playing tennis are another crucial part of your equipment. When it comes to clothing always avoid cotton as it retains moisture, causing your clothes to stick to your body. The discomfort will definitely reduce your performance.

Most sporting apparel today is made from synthetic materials that are hydrophobic, meaning they dissipate moisture quickly. This keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable for longer periods.

Whether you settle for a skirt, short, or dress, the ultimate deciding factors are practicality and comfort.

Tennis Shoes (Not Forgetting the Socks)

Even though you can play tennis in normal running shoes, you won’t be able to play to your full potential.

The kind of tennis shoes you don will impact your game dramatically as you the game requires that you do a lot of footwork on the court. A lot of skillful footwork, mind you, from running across the court to dragging your feet to sliding, and a lot niftier footwork.

This kind of footwork requires special footwear.

When picking a pair of tennis shoes consider durability, comfort, support, and ventilation.

For added comfort, purchase proper sports padded socks. Make sure to have spare socks in your tennis equipment bag, as tennis is a high impact sport that can last a long time.

You may need to change your socks during a game due to sweat.

Tennis Balls

You can’t play a game of tennis without tennis balls. That’s an obvious fact.

But what may not be so obvious is that not all tennis balls are created equal. There are three main quality levels of tennis balls for you to choose from depending on use:

  • Recreational level balls. These are mainly for practice, especially using tennis machines.
  • Championship level balls. Championship balls are a step up from recreational ones and can be used for league match play.
  • Professional level balls. These are the highest quality tennis balls you can buy and are so good they are used by the pros and for tours.

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

It’s time to get the best tennis gear for your game.

One thing about dressing the part for your next game is that if you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you’re bound to play well.

From your tennis racket to your tennis shoes, and yes, your tennis balls, make sure you get yourself the best tennis equipment that will make you enjoy the game.

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