If you've never played racquetball before, you're in for a treat. The basic rules are simple to pick up and almost anyone can play, so once you've learned the essential plays, terms, and how-to's, you'll be claiming victory on the court in no time. 

One of the key things that differentiates racquetball from a few other similar sports is the court, and the size of it, where the game's played. Knowing the metrics of the space will definitely clue you in on some of the rewarding yet challenging aspects of racquetball. 

The basics can be defined by three aspects: Serving, Play, and Scoring. 

Understand these three parts of the game and the nuances of each and you should be able to run your own racquetball game with a friend without having to look up the rules. 

Your opponents might even think you're a natural once you've brushed up on the basic rules and etiquette outlined below!

The Basic Rules of Racquetball

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