Today, we will be reviewing the Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racket. It was voted one of the best tennis rackets available for women on the market. The Wilson Blade 104 is an upgrade from the Wilson Blade Team BLX racquet. We will be comparing the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet to three other popular models: The Babolat Pure Aero 16×19, the Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Countervail, and the Yonex EZONE DR 98 Blue. We tested each product on a broad range of criteria to see how each stacks up. Lastly, we will give our final verdict of the Wilson Blade 104.


The Wilson Blade 104 is one of the newest models of tennis racquets for professional female tennis players. It is made with Amplifeel handle technology, which gives it a muted feel. It combines incredible power, great control, and is extremely comfortable to use. The Wilson Blade 104 was built for intermediate to expert level female tennis players to use for practice and matches.


The Wilson Blade 104 produces a comfortable, natural, and responsive feel when used on the court. Its 18x19 string pattern helps improve the control and accuracy of the player’s shot. The extended length helps generate surplus power and a natural top spin. The frame’s material allows female tennis players to easily generate medium to fast swings and its top-rated stiffness has shock and vibration dampening features that prevent discomfort.

The extended length (27.5) makes maneuverability super easy, provides stability on impact with the ball, and its 104 square inch head size gives ample control. When combined with its frame length, the string pattern puts excellent action to the ball. Additionally, it has a stiffness rating of 59 and has 4 points of headlight, giving it a smooth transition on the court.

How the Wilson Blade 104 Compares to other Racquets

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We picked three of the top-rated women’s tennis racquets on the market to compare to the Wilson Blade 104. Each racquet has similar features and designs and uses state-of-the-art technology to produce exceptional tennis racquets for women of all levels of experience. We tested each product based on price, ease of use, quality of design, and what kind of warranty comes with purchase. Let’s see how the premium racquets available on the market to see how they compare to the Wilson Blade 104.

EASE OF USE (4.5/5)

The Wilson Blade 104 packs a nice punch while being comfortable and giving the user excellent control of their swings. It also provides superb accuracy for shots. Its swing weight (310kg*sq) and dense string pattern increase contact time with the ball creating improved ball action. The handle has thick padding inside, which makes it incredibly comfortable, from the first to last stroke on the court. It maneuvers seamlessly, even though it has a large head, due to its light frame.

With a light frame and head light balance, players will generate extra pace on the ball when volleying and serving. The Wilson Blade 104 helps maximize power with minimal effort, which is great for baseline players. Groundstrokes are no problem for its lightweight profile and large sweet spot. Plus, its string pattern aids balance and prevents loss of control while hitting the ball, and if a player over hits, the Wilson Blade 104’s features will help the player adjust their shot for smooth transitions down the court.

However, its large head size increases the overall weight. Pro level athletes may ignore the extra weight easily, but intermediate level athletes, especially those who’ve just advanced, may find the Wilson Blade 104 too difficult to swing and they won’t generate enough power in their shots.


The Wilson Blade 104’s frame is equipped with Amplifeel technology-made from basalt fiber (BLX) and braided graphite material that enhances its overall feel, dampens vibrations, and absorbs shock. The combination of basalt and graphite makes the frame more flexible while maintaining enough stiffness to give players the best playing experience possible. Its dense string pattern adds durability to its string bed and allows players to gain supreme control while transferring crazy amounts of energy in every shot.

The only design flaw is in its aesthetics. It only comes in one color combination: Black, pink, and red. Hopefully, there will be more colors available in the near future.


There is a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Color scheme
  • Power, control, and comfort
  • Amplifeel technology
  • Volleys, serves, and groundstroke


  • Heavy
  • No color options


Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet - Quality String (4-3/8)
  • Pure Aero. Latest AeroPro Drive for 2016. Endorsed by Raphael Nadal
  • For strong intermediates and advanced Players
  • Comfortable, high control, high spin, all court racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero 16x9 racket’s defining feature is its broad range of styles and levels of play. It has an 11.3 oz. strung weight and 98 square inch head size, making it a very approachable for players of all levels. Players who enjoy attacking the net with a well-balanced racquet with consistent performance and a wide range of features.

EASE OF USE (4.5/5)

The Babolat Pure Aero is incredibly easy to maneuver due to its lightweight (11.3oz.) and 323 swing weight, making groundstrokes effortless and transitioning to the net to hit setup volleys tons of fun. Its frame and 98 square inch head deliver exceptional power, and its 16x19 cross strong pattern (the same pattern as the Wilson Blade 104) helps produce amazing spin. Plus, players will have an easy time controlling the Babolat Pure Strike with its flexible frame. It delivers a fantastic performance when hitting returns where the player needs to react quickly and pull the racquet back fast.

The downside is that baseline players who hit with a heavy topspin might prefer more pop since the Babolat Pure Strike has lower power delivery than the Wilson Blade 104 and other similar racquets.


The frame’s design allows the strings to move freely which helps them work together, creating a more generous sweet spot, giving more power and less shock. The frame of the Babolat Pure Aero also has square and elliptical shapes that offer a unique blend of highly responsive control and power combined with a superb feel and precision. The Babolat Pure strike uses FSI Power technology to provide more space between cross strings which results in more power, spin, and comfort when players strike a ball.


There was no warranty information found on this racquet.


  • Excellent technology
  • Easy to use for players of all levels
  • Effortless maneuverability
  • Strong groundstrokes
  • Fantastic returns


  • Low Power topspin


Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 cvfrm W/O, Unisex Adult Tennis Racket,...
  • Classic Controller
  • Integrated Countervail technology that mazimiza Power
  • Balance 32.5

The Blade 98 18x20 Countervail is the latest version in the Wilson line of tennis racquets. It is a control oriented racquet for players of all levels. At 11.3 ounces, it is much lighter than the Wilson Blade 104 and other models.

EASE OF USE (4.5/5)

The Wilson Blade 98 Countervail lightweight and a tight 18x20 string pattern along with a 98 square inch head deliver a far better control for players of every level. Wilson uses unique materials to produce a frame that stays steady albeit its lighter weight and 65 mid-range flex rating. The smooth balance helps players keep consistent and reliable contact with the tennis ball.

With such a unique blend of material, weight, and flex rating, the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail 18x20 delivers exceptional comfort. And the dampened low-vibration feel makes a pleasant, comfortable hitting experience. The downside to the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail is, although it offers a decent level of power, players who prefer higher levels of topspin will find it challenging to use because of its tighter string pattern. The topspin potential is there, but players may need to work a bit harder to achieve it.


The Wilson Blade 98 has a few technology improvements over the Wilson Blade 104. One is the braided graphite and basalt construction that increases flexibility, improves the feel, and delivers more control. It also uses Countervail, a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber that improves comfort by further reducing shock and vibration. It parallels drills the grommet holes to create cross strings that are parallel to each other, which adds a 27% increase in the racquet’s sweet spot. Lastly, the Wilson Blade 98 incorporates an X2 Ergo handle which allows players to build up the upper handle to get a sturdier backhand grip.


There is a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Excellent control
  • Consistent balance
  • High comfortability


  • Difficult topspin


Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) Blue
  • Durability: Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125
  • Playability: Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro

The Yonex Ezone DR is a wonderful all-court racquet with fantastic control that is loaded with unique technology, providing players maximum hitting experience. One of its defining features is the Nanometric DR carbon feature that allows the frame to flex while the racquet snaps back into place on contact. The Yonex Ezone DR also features an oval pressed shaft, or OPS, system which narrows its shaft, allowing for more flexibility at specific points of the frame. By combining these technologies and coupling them with a 98 square inch head size, Yonex creates a lower flex rating at 62 that makes for better control overall.


The Ezone DR provides an impressive level of control. Whether a player is at the baseline or the net, the ball can be directed and placed with confidence. Its control orientation helps players feel comfortable in their strokes and allows them to place the ball deep in the court while retaining consistency. Plus, players can easily work the ball from side to side and change its direction.

When hitting the ball, the Ezone DR provides an incredible connected feel, which helps with player confidence on the court. The biggest downfall of control-oriented racquets like this that offers a more flexible frame is a lack of power.


Yonex’s trademark isometric square head shape (ISO) was developed to increase the size of the sweet spot up to 48% compared to the Wilson Blade 104 and similar racquets. Having a 16x19 string pattern gives this racquet plenty of topspin. And by adding Quake Shut Gel to the racquet’s handle reduces vibrations and increases comfort while hitting.


There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on product and other online websites.


  • Impressive control
  • Larger sweet spot
  • High topspin
  • Increased comfort


  • Low power


woman holding a racket


The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet ranks at 4.5/5 stars, which is lower than the other racquets we tested, but by only half a point. It also has a few more flaws than the other racquets, but they are minor aesthetic issues that don’t take away from its powerful technology and top-of-the-line features. The color combination it comes with gives it a cool style.

Overall, the Wilson Blade 104 offers the best playing experience with a perfect blend of performance, control, and comfort. It also has amazing stability and the Amplifeel handles nicely to dampen vibrations, giving it an all-around comfortable feel while in use. There really isn’t a better racquet for intermediate level female tennis players on the market than the Wilson Blade 104 when it comes to power, control, stability, and chic aesthetics. Plus, it can be purchased at great prices online and in stores.

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