Everyone grows up. At least they should. I know, you have a family member that refuses to grow up and you beg to differ with that statement. Well, your family member is an exception.

I know you’re here to talk squash and you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about your family member not growing up. There is a point to all this, don’t worry. Like I said, everyone grows up. And growth means taking on bigger challenges. 

If you’ve been playing squash for some time, growth means participating in some squash tournaments. I told you I was headed somewhere. Squash is also full of lessons you can apply to your life.

Squash tournaments are the best way to put into practice all you’ve learned and all the time you’ve invested in honing your skills. Whether you started playing squash for competitive reasons or just as a hobby, you still have to grow up. 

You don’t have to go straight and sign up for the squash tournament of champions or some other high-profile tournament, but you have to start. 

Start with local squash leagues in your area, the main thing is that you start. 

And yes, for those of you who are ambitious, I’ll tell you what the “Squash Tournament of Champions” is.

A Brief Overview of Squash Tournaments

To better get a feel at the squash tournaments that are held yearly, let me highlight a few of them for you to whet your appetite for growth.

The Squash Tournament of Champions – Where Titans Clash

The Squash Tournament of Champions is an international squash championship tournament that is held annually in the city of New York. 

The event is so grand, a special four-walled glass court has been built in the Vanderbilt Hall at the New York’s Grand Central Terminal. 

The tournament itself is not new though, having been first held in 1930. 

At that time, though, it wasn’t called the Tournament of Champions but US Professional Championships. The women’s competition, on the other hand, is fairly new, having begun in 2001. The men’s championship event is now part of the prestigious PSA World Series.

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Series – The Crème of the Crop

The PSA World Series tournaments are the most prestigious events on the men’s tour. 

Each year, several squash tournaments on the tour are labeled as World Series events. These include major tournaments like the World Championship, the British Open, the Hong Kong Open or the Tournament of Champions (yes, the same one above). 

From these events, the eight best-performing players from these events compete in the PSA World Series Finals – the equivalent of the ATP World Tour Finals (for you tennis fans out there).

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that these events are just too high level for you. You are right. As long as you think that way, you won’t grow to those levels. 

But if you think and work toward growth, you can do anything you put your mind to.

But let me indulge you and take it a few levels lower, after all, no one ever starts from the top. Not even the greatest players.

Squash Leagues – Stepping stones to Greatness

Every sport has different leagues, with the basic leagues being the local ones. The same is true for squash. 

The first step to growth is joining and participating in the local league games. These are the best classrooms to learn how to play professional level squash.

It’s next to impossible to make it in competitive squash without passing through this stage.

Squash leagues everywhere have games and tournaments for players of every level and skillset, so there is no need to fear of not fitting in. From junior squash tournaments to adult tournaments, local leagues have it all. You just have to find your place.

Squash leagues don’t end on the local level though, they progress to regional levels until eventually progressing to the national level, creating an opportunity for you to participate in a US national tournament like the US Open.

If you want to grow, you will have to join a club near you and participate in ladder matches in order to participate in a squash league in your area. 

This is the only way to grow your skills – by playing with other serious players.

Are You Ready to Grow Up?

It’s time to grow to another level. Don’t be intimidated by other players or the seemingly demanding nature of competitive squash – it’s just the same as the squash you’re playing with your friends. 

The only difference is that it is more organized. Like someone you know quite well, it’s time to grow up (bet you never thought that could be used on you).

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